About Me


Rough start...

My friend Zoeth introduced me to a game by the name of Minecraft. I started playing for fun, but over time I began to enjoy making things. I played with a group of "friends" at the time, and they bullied me quite a bit (not Zoeth). People always say that you can just "ignore the bullies and they will just go away," but that really isn't ever the case. I was cast aside and demoralized by these individuals. When you are still maturing, you don't have the mental fortitude to just wave off these people...

This went on until late high school, where I even had people making fun of me for running a YouTube channel to go with my work. I was called filthy names, mocked, ridiculed over my beliefs, and I almost worked my way into a fight. Heck, one of them came to me apologizing and asking me to shout out his channel! Hah, oh how the tables have turned!

I worked hard in school, I studied and made the grades, and I overcame challenge after challenge. I led my high school tennis team to two regional placements in my state (cranking some 100+ mph serves in route!), and developed some kinship with these kind people. I played on my college's club tennis teams and lead my team to bracket victories in sectionals play. If you work hard, you can succeed! Don't ever let people tell you otherwise.


My upbringing was fairly standard. I was born into a family with two brothers (one in CS and the other in computer engineering, we round out the CECS dept!), and I've always felt driven to accomplish. But the bullying took a toll on me. I had days where I just sulked in my room and tried to ignore the echoes of negativity surrounding me.

I started making maps after watching some content CaptainSparklez was playing back in 2012. I let a passion to create and inspire drive me to design countless maps over the next decade, ranging from unheard of works such as Wipeout to one of the most popular Minecraft maps ever released (according to minecraftmaps.com) with Hangman! I drove myself to keep making more and more content with the sole reason being to spread joy and cheer!

This Hangman map seemed quite simple at first, but YouTube didn't seem to think that. The map has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and been featured by dozens of YouTubers such as JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, LDShadowLady, The Yogscast, Little Kelly, Vikkstar, Jerry and Harry, JoeyGraceffa, and Lachlan (and loads more). I realized that I had discovered real talent in creating games for the community, and since then I have continued to create maps.

"A chance to spread creativity..."

Chunk Runner

Between March of 2016 and May of 2019, I served as a creative map designer for a project team lead by Kehaan working for a few large content creators. While the time I spent was fun and I enjoyed being able to give solid content to an audience that loved it all so much, I did eventually need to move on. I had a professional career to begin (and college to finish at the time).

"Taking my work to the top..."

In April of 2018, Chunk Runner was published on Mojang's "Minecraft Realms" servers. This was an amazing achievement that would never have happened without your support! And in early July of 2018, Blast Off was accepted as well! Both maps were taken down due to incompatibility reasons regarding 1.13, and may be updated in the coming months.

"Bedrock solid!"

I now develop maps for the Minecraft Marketplace! While I'm sure the transition away from "free content" is a bit unpopular, I will be pleased to release "Demo" versions here on the website with minimal features. I can't just hand out a product for free, but I can compromise here a little.

"Neo IRL..."

I am currently pursuing a full-time career. I am a new college grad with a degree in Information Technology and a strong interest in Cloud Computing and Server Administration. If you have business offers for me, please consider sending an email to my business mail in the Others dropdown!