Halloween Hunt

Chunk Runner

"Look for candy in a mansion haunted by Death!"

There has always been a creepy mansion across the street from your house looming ominously over the street. Rumors began to circulate that Death himself lived inside, waiting for innocent victims to come stumbling through his front doors. One month later, nobody would set foot within 100 yards of the front door.
But for some reason your school friends think it's a joke. They think whoever lives inside has stashed mounds of candy somewhere and they want to go get it. Due to peer pressure or something like that, you decide to follow them all inside. Upon entering, the door slams shut, locking you inside.
Then Death himself came to greet the doubtful schoolkids, and they realized how very wrong they were to think it was all a myth. But Death is smart and patient. What fun would just killing them be? He decided that the person who could find the most "spooky candy" in the house would be allowed to live. Frightened and peeing themselves, your friends take off running! Death knew that their drive to be "the best" would keep bringing them back for more...
Will you be able to get the most candy? Will you SURVIVE? Find out!

To put things simply, you roam around a dark mansion looking for candy. Some candies give you 1 pt, while others give you 3 pts. If you can find the Golden Chocolate, you will get 25 pts. There is also a 20% chance that a chest is a trick chest...

However the Reaper is looking for you. If he manages to catch you, your score will be divided by 2 and you will be returned to the entrance! The winner is the player who manages to collect the most candy when the time is up!

Extra Info

The map is a Horror/Game map, meaning that it is a little of both. The map contains mild jumpscares, unnerving ambient music, sudden noises and effects, and more. The map is not that scary though as I wished to focus on the game part primarily (competing with friends for most candy points).

There is a resource pack that is included in the download link. ALL players must be using it! Send this link (http://bit.ly/2easnJj) to your friends for ease!

The game shows five options for "Box Frequency" in the lobby. The option "Common" spawns 50 boxes around the map. Each is essentially 10 less than the prior option with Rare only spawning 10.


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 16w41a (1.11 should work) | Supports 1+ Players

Additional Credits

Onnowhere - Helping troubleshoot a weird bug with jumpscares YouTube
iWacky - Building the mansion Twitter
ItsZender - Allowing me to recycle his scythe model YouTube
Ish13c - Screaming into his mic for the jumpscare YouTube
Kevin Macleod - Using "Aftermath" from his royalty free library Website

Halloween Hunt Halloween Hunt Halloween Hunt Halloween Hunt Halloween Hunt