Survive the Night

A vast zombie army is on its way to siege the kingdom! Appointed by the great King Lucky, you are a rag-tag band of knights and mages who have been tasked with fighting off the ranks until sunrise (when the zombie forces will retreat). Can you save the day and win the battle?

Minecraft Java: 1.8.1

Play in this version of Minecraft only. Playing the map in other versions of Minecraft can/will result in bugs.

3+ Players

This map only works for multiplayer. It is recommended you play with three or more players for balance purposes.

Command Blocks: On

In order for this map to work correctly, you must have command blocks turned on in your server settings!



In this challenging spin of tower defense, you must fend off waves of zombies from attacking King Lucky! Zombies will approach from all sides and try to cross the trenches and it is up to you to stop them! You and your teammates must work together fluidly to stop the enemy forces from killing the King!

Choose from one of five kits and try to stop the onslaught! You can have any arrangement of kit selections (any number of players can use any one kit), so mix and match to see which gamestyle fits your personality!

Note: This is not an easy game. When I designed this map, I didn't balance it at all (I know right, real smart...). I've had difficulty surviving even on Normal difficulty, so I highly recommend you use voice chat to coordinate. The map also includes some random modifiers that can spawn and either help or hurt you (can be toggled off in the settings)!


Play in Minecraft 1.8.1 with two or more players! Three to five is recommended due to the sheer difficulty of this map.