The Final Update is Here at Last!

After a long six months, the team has pulled through! Welcome to our final update of Phasmophobia in Minecraft featuring new locations, new items, bug fixes, and tons of balance changes!

NeoMc, December 9th, 2021


After a long last year, I could not be more proud of the development team standing behind me. Together, we have delivered the final update to our smashing Phasmophobia in Minecraft map!


So What's New?

Tons of stuff! We've added 3 new items, 4 new locations, 2 new difficulties, fixed dozens of bugs (like the camera hunt glitch), and performed quite a few balance changes.

New Locations
  • Grimwood Manor (Location, Very Large - 4 Players, Custom Map) - Explore a massive mansion that was abandoned without warning when the inhabitants began playing with satanic magic. Can you solve the riddle as to what went wrong?
  • Ferry of the Damned (Location, Large - 4 Players, Custom Map) - An ancient pirate ship lies docked just along the craggy coastline. Journey through four decks of rooms as you search for the source of the cursed magic.
  • Prison (Location, Large - 4 Players, Recreation) - One of Indiana's most high-alert prisons now lies in ruin. Haunted spirits were quick to enter the empty halls in search of a new home.
  • Ridgeview (Location, Medium - 2 Players, Recreation) - A quiet neighborhood in the suburbs has become a ghost town. Travel to the source of the evil and try to identify the origin of the darkness...

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    New Items
  • DOTS Projector (Secondary Item) - A creepy goth lamp that projects a field of energy around it. Reveals the presence of the ghost. This is NOT a key item, it will show for all ghost types.
  • BONK Punch (Exp Item) - Coffee gets people moving. Well unfortunately Starbucks was too expensive, but a case of experimental sugary sodas was quite affordable! Drink for a quick shot of speed!
  • Spirit Trap (Exp Item) - A bear trap. No joke, it actually clamps onto the ghost and makes it scream in pain/agony/misery. Holds the ghost immobile and marks it for a short time. But like, why would you want to make a miserable being more miserable?

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    New Difficulties
  • Extreme - Like Professional, but sanity drains even quicker!
  • Nightmare - All players start at 0 sanity, and the ghost can immediately hunt as soon as you approach the room. Sanity drains at a rate of 1 per second to avoid pills. The ghost is also capable of pulling players out of the cameras, usually following with an aggressive action!

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    Balance Changes & Behavior Tweaks
  • Retarget System - The ghost, depending on its type, can decide to swap targets to a different player that it is close to during a hunt.
  • Walk Speed Up - The ghost can now slightly outwalk the player. Getting behind a door is now much more important to survival.
  • Aggression Edit - Before, the ghost had a chance of just spooking a player it catches during a hunt. The chance of this happening has been lowered.
  • Hunt Delays - Due to the sheer scale of maps such as Grimwood, the ghost now waits until a player gets close enough before beginning aggressive actions.
  • Thermometer Nerf - Refresh rate lowered from 2s to 4s
  • Rooms Cool Slower - Rooms take a bit longer to cool down now.
  • Ghost Orb Frequency Nerf - The ghost orbs were a bit too easy to find. Now, they are less obvious.

  • My Favorite Bug Fixes
  • * Fixed a bug where the ghost would begin a hunt, then become stupid like a roomba and stand immobile on Grimwood. Added a pathfind system to allow the ghost to actually climb up and down the stupid stairs in the middle of the map that somehow it couldn't find because #thanksmojang.
  • * Fixed a bug that allowed ghosts to murder players using the cameras and regard them as a target when using one.
  • * Chose to ignore reports that the ghost was capable of leaving the house during a spook in very rare occurrences.
  • * Fixed the doorframes on Grimwood and the other maps as the ghost loves giving the door frames high-fives! Unfortunately, it does this so hard that the entire door is flung upward.
  • * Fixed a bug on Grimwood where the ghost would become part of the floor if it tried to leave the building.
  • * Fixed a bug where using a BONK would apply to all players, presuming you decided to spit up a little bit into each players' mouth like a momma bird feeding its babies. Gross. Don't do that.
  • * Fixed a softlock on Grafton that Neo accidentally caused due to sleep deprivation. Players would spend eternity stuck in a black void box.
  • * Fixed the rng algorithm used for the camera yank. In earlier versions, the odds were 1 in 25, but the game rolled the dice 20 times per try. Yeah, that becomes a 20 in 25 chance of running every 30s. Not balanced. Thanks Mithzan for showing this in your video and yelling "Neo wtf this is such a stupid mechanic."
  • * Fixed a bug where the ghost needed to be taught how to use a light switch. I guess it takes more than one ghost to screw in a lightbulb. Or to break it.

  • So what are you waiting for? Drop in and give these new features a spin!


    Special Thanks

    A lot of you are probably wondering why I decided to make Phas in Minecraft. Was I trying to give out another free Minecraft map because I was getting flamed for selling on the Marketplace? Am I secretly lonely and use maps I make to force my friends to like me? Am I simping for the real game's devs to take some of my ideas and implement them into the main game? Well, let me answer those questions for you: nope, yep, and heck yea!

    Jokes aside, the real reason I wanted to tackle this project was to test my intellect. I plan to move to independent game design, and I wanted to challenge myself to take an existing game and mentally "rebuild" it into Minecraft. The idea was to see if I was ready to throw myself headfirst into a new adventure, and I believe the answer is "absolutely!" More information on my publishing name and future projects will be out soon, so stay tuned for more information. Unfortunately, this will be my final Minecraft project.

    Last, I want to extend a massive thank-you to my entire team, especially my build team Reigio and Med. Over the last 2 months, they've worked as hard as they can despite having IRL jobs, school, and other commitments to honor. None of this would have been possible without them. Thanks again to Purple for voicing the new lines, and to my bud EJ for mixing the audio. And thank you to all of the community, players and content creators alike! You've blown this map far beyond 50,000 downloads and spread it all across the platform. I, on behalf of my team, want to thank you for the joy you've brought to your audiences, as well as to the players who've chosen to check out the project after! This glass is for you!

    I'm not sure what lies ahead, but I've got a world full of possibilities to explore!